The top 3 reasons why frats and sororities suck


1. The anti-social, social group:

Frats are supposed to be social groups, however they promote unsocial like behavior. They run in packs.  You can't hang out with a frat person outside of school unless you are in a frat.  Also, most have the attitude that because they're in a fraternity or sorority they are above you.  Why does paying a lot of money to wear three Greek letters on your shirt make you in any way better than anyone else?  Are you supposed to get special treatment now that you've joined a frat?  I don't think so.  Why is it that this group of people place being in a frat so high on their list of important qualities?  Sorority girls are only into frat boys. What's the deal with that?  One day I'm not good enough for you, then I pledge a frat and now you wanna go out.  That isn't a quality I want in a person.  Like me because I'm who I am, not because I am a Beta.  If that is what your relationship is based on, then what kind of relationship do you really have?


2. No diversity:

Frats do not represent the cultural melting pot that is America.  They are simply for lack of a better term "Black or White."  Yah, there are some multicultural frats but they are not considered to be the equals of their one race, one ideal dominated brethren.  This lack of diversity promotes separatism and is not what college should be about.  Young adults should come to college to experience all types of people and views, not isolate themselves from them. 


3. All about the Benjamins:

Why?  They justify these dues by saying that they are to pay for the events the frat puts on and the community related activities they volunteer for.  Well we all know the real reason behind these high dues is to pay for the never ending date parties.  They only involve themselves sparingly in the community and that is mainly to fill the University requirements of an organization, and try to keep up a good image, so their mommies and daddies don't think they just party all the time.  If frats and sororities really cared about anything, but themselves they could do a lot more.  They have enough income to really do something if they wanted to.  Just picking up trash along the highway twice a year doesn't cut it.  Especially when you're having  lavish parties every other week.  And what's the deal with the shirts for everything?  Its some big deal that you attended a "crush" that you have to wear a shirt?  Come on people.  But seriously, who joins a frat for the community activities they are evolved in?  "Hey Fred are you gonna pledge Alpha?"  "No man, I'm pledging Kappa.  They help feed the homeless."  :)

* These statements may make it seem like frats and sororities and their members are bad.  For the most part this is probably not the case.  There are many good people involved in these organizations.  My only beef is that they were good people before the frat, not because of it.  So I say, why do they need it now?  If you can justify to me why as a college student I need to join a frat then by all means go ahead.  I personally would rather spend my time hanging out with other educated college students who just want to enjoy college life and aren't caught up in some elitist mentality.  I want to be judged for who I am and what I've accomplished, not who I socialize with.  If you really wanted to grow as a person you wouldn’t be hanging on to your social clicks...this isn't high school anymore.