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Can you believe we were our high school's Valedictorians?


South Padre Island

"Why does this guy have his shirt on?"

   "Come outside."   "Make me."    "I'll kill you!"   "Do it!"   "I will, come outside."

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Taking Over in 2000


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"Hey you drunks, what are you lookin' at?  The camera is this way."


Quick!  Do an impression of a 3~headed monster

"What does F.F.F. mean?"   "Find 'em, Feel 'em, Forget 'em!"

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"I was just admiring the way you handle yourself with the ladies."   "Well thank you.  My friends call me Chicken Dick. What's your name?"

We inducted a new member into FFF, but we forgot his name.

Carlos and Charlie's in South Padre Island, TX