*  This is not intended to offend.  We don't hate on frats or sororities and their members.  It is not fair to stereotype all members by the actions of others.  We just feel that although these organizations "occasionally" take time away from partying to raise a couple bucks for charity they are unnecessary, hypocritical, and a waste of time.  If they really cared about something besides self promotion and gratification they could do a lot more.  If you want to be part of something but don't want to put up with all the bullshit of fraternities then Friends For Free is definitely worth checking out. *

 Are you tired of all those bunk ass frat daddies with hot girls just because he's a "beta" or a "kappa"?  What the hell is that anyway?  Oh, I'm in a fraternity so you must love me, touch me, oh you know you want me.  Whatever loser!  The only way these little pencil neck pricks can even get a date is by flaunting their daddy's money around or dating a sorority hoochie.  

 Are you sick of sorority bitches prissing around like they are Hedi Klum, when in actuality they are airhead heifers with store bought friends who whore themselves out to any frattie that will hit on them in a bar.

 Friends For Free is the ideal answer to frats and sororities.  We could give a rat's ass whether your parents spend a lot of money or you drive a '94 Volvo.  We're just interested in people who are fun, don't mind being a little rowdy, and don't care about what other people think cuz you're gettin' yours and f-bomb them anyway.  

 There are only 3 requirements for becoming a member of our very exclusively un-exclusive group:

Buy a $5.00 window sticker
Pitch in at parties for the keg and food, otherwise B.Y.O.B.
Have fun

    That's it!

 We are always the life of every party, leave with the hottest girls (or guys for you ladies), and usually end up with more new members.  Our members are just as handsome and classy as the next person, but we don't try and throw it in anyone's face or expect people to treat us differently cuz we only care about having a blast wherever we are or whoever we're with.  We are a group of all equal members.  Our members vary in gender, race, age, education, personalities, and interests.  We're here to provide some fellowship between college students and give them an opportunity to get a momentary break from the everyday grind of school, work, etc.  When you are a member of F. F. F. you are a member for life because you make true friendships.

 Friends For Free is a great and an excellent idea!  It is really needed on college campuses and should have been established a long time ago.  Give us a chance and you won't be disappointed, and if you are big whoop, so your out $5.00.  That's less than a Monster at Freebirds.  Gig'em and God bless the Fightin' Texas Aggies, WHOOP!!