Southwest Texas State University
     San Marcos, Tx

     Texas A&M University
     College Station, Tx



Membership: (although there is no way of counting the official number of people who claim to be in Friends for Free, these are the projected numbers)     

     SWT (60+)
     Texas A&M (50+) 

     Born out of the frat invested campus of SWT, Friends for Free found a surprising following of loyal members.  From its humble beginnings as an idea for having kick ass parties, FFF has quickly risen to be a force on several college campuses across Texas.  Most notably SWT and Texas A&M.  The brain child of founding father, Reagan George, Friends for Free was nothing more than what he called his parties.  You see Reagan is the quaterback for the SWT football team and is notorious for having killer parties.  On many a night he would come home to upwards of a 100 people throwing a bash at his house.  He's saying was everyone he met was his friend and were welcome to come hang out at his place.  Word quickly spread of his idea for socials with out the labels of what frat/sorority you belong to.  Needless to say people took to the idea and we haven't looked back since.  So here's to Reagan and those of us like him and the fun times ahead of us.    


    " We're just average " 
    " Failing to meet expectations "
    " Good kids, Bad decisions "






     Reagan's three legged dog, " Buck "
     Pooh " the Dancing Bear "





Our purpose:
     We are an organization that provides an alternative to being in a fraternity or sorority.  Our members are just out to meet other college students and have a good time without any stereotyping or obligations.

Upcoming Events:
     House Party on the Glade...
     Texas A&M vs. Notre Dame game

      Dave Matthews Band concert
      The Woodlands in Houston

      Pooh Bear's 21st b-day
      Northgate drunkfest

      The Sex's 22nd b-day

      Halloween Bash
      Tri-F House

       Dead Week Party
       Tri-F Hizzouse

       Independence Bowl
       Texas A&M vs. Mississippi St.
       Shreveport, Louisianna

       Burner's 22nd b-day party

       Roger Creager Concert
       Executive Surf Club
       Corpus Christi, TX

       Calbrito Cookoff
       George West, TX

      Chilifest 2001
      April 6th & 7th

      End of the School Year
      River Float
      Guene, TX